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Department. of Cultural Sciences

at Faculty of Humanities

Department. of Cultural Sciences
PO Box 200
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Renströmsgatan 6, 412 55 Göteborg
Visiting address: Vera Sandbergs allé 8, 411 33 Göteborg

Web Page: www.kultur.gu.se
Email: kuv@kultur.gu.se

Head of Department: Mats Björkin

About the unit

The Department of Cultural Sciences consists of 9 different disciplines and has approximately 900 student each term.

Our facilities are located at Vera Sandbergs allé 8, in the vicinity of Kapellplatsen and Chalmers.

Latest publications

Swedish film feminism in the 1970s and today
Ingrid Ryberg
G19 Conference, 7-9 October, Gothenburg, Conference contribution 2019
Conference contribution

In loving memory of Barbara Hammer
Ingrid Ryberg
MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Nahid Persson Sarvestani: Female Auteur
Boel Ulfsdotter
MAI - Feminism & Visual Culture, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Nya invånare i gamla villakvarter
Kerstin Gunnemark
Konsumtionskultur, innebörder och praktiker. En vänbok till Helene Brembeck / under redaktion av Magdalena Petersson McIntyre, Barbro Johansson & Niklas Sörum., Göteborg, Makadam , Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

An elevated feminist ahead of her time? Mai Zetterling's non-fiction shorts in the 1970s and 1980s
Ingrid Ryberg
Making the invisible visible. Reclaiming women's agency in Swedish film history and beyond / edited by Ingrid Stigsdotter , Lund, Nordic Academic Press, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

The Listener's Choice: The Sounds of Music, Meanings, and Measurements
Ola Stockfelt
The Oxford Handbook of Sound and Imagination Volume 1 / edited by Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard, Mads Walther-Hansen, and Martin Knakkergaard., New York , Oxford University Press, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book


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Name Title Phone Email
Alm, Erika Senior lecturer, Deputy Head +46 31 7865332 erika.alm@gu.se
Andersson, Therese Senior lecturer, Film Studies therese.andersson@filmvet.gu.se
Andersson, Åsa Senior lecturer, Cultural Studies +46 31 7866144 asa.andersson@gu.se
Backman Rogers, Anna Senior lecturer, Film Studies +46 31 7865331 anna.backman.rogers@gu.se
Bengtsson, Catarina Lecturer, Children’s and Youth Culture +46 31 7865490 catarina.bengtsson@kultvet.gu.se
Bergman, Åsa Senior lecturer, Cultural Studies +46 31 7865218 asa.bergman@gu.se
Björkin, Mats Senior lecturer, Head of Department +46 31 7865333 mats.bjorkin@filmvet.gu.se
Björnberg, Alf Professor, Musicology +46 31 7864085 alf.bjornberg@gu.se
Bossius, Thomas Senior lecturer, Cultural Studies +46 31 7865491 thomas.bossius@kultur.gu.se
Bruchmüller, Birte Doctoral student birte.bruchmuller@gu.se
Bünz, Annika Postdoctoral research fellow +46 31 7864192 annika.bunz@gu.se
Cagatay, Selin Postdoctor selin.cagatay@gu.se
Edström, Olle Professor emeritus, Musicology +46 31 7864191 olle.edstrom@musicology.gu.se
Ericson, Mathias Researcher, Gender Studies +46 31 7865323 mathias.ericson@gu.se
Eriksson, Jan Lecturer, Musicology +46 31 7861969 jan.eriksson@kultvet.gu.se
Florin Persson, Erik Doctoral student, Film Studies +46 31 7862785 erik.florin.persson@gu.se
Forsudd, Carl-Magnus Programme coordinator +46 31 7866110 carl-magnus.forsudd@gu.se
Fried, Alexandra Senior lecturer, Art History and Visual Studies +46 31 7861974 alexandra.fried@gu.se
Gunnemark, Kerstin Professor, Ethnology +46 31 7861968 kerstin.gunnemark@ethnology.gu.se
Gustafsson, Lise-Lotte Study counsellor +46 31 7865321 lise-lotte.gustafsson@gu.se
Hagelberg, Marie Louise Finance officer +46 31 7864136 marie-louise.hagelberg@gu.se
Heljic, Arman Doctoral student arman.heljic@gu.se
Herlitz, Alexandra Senior lecturer, Art History and Visual Studies +46 31 7862793 alexandra.herlitz@kultvet.gu.se
Hibsher, Netta Doctoral student netta.huebscher@gu.se
Holgersson, Helena Senior lecturer, Cultural Studies +46 31 7862780 helena.holgersson@kultur.gu.se
Holmquist, Ingrid Professor emerita, Gender Studies +46 31 7864191 ingrid.holmquist@kultvet.gu.se
Jarlsmark, Ingrid Administrative manager, Administrativ chef, inst +46 31 7864063 ingrid.jarlsmark@gu.se
Javanbakht, Gila Education administrator +46 31 7862788 jila.javanbakht@gu.se
Johansson Wilén, Evelina Doctoral student, Gender Studies +46 31 7862781 evelina.johansson@gu.se
Jönsson, Mats Professor, Film Studies +46 31 7866164 mats.jonsson@gu.se
Kilic, Onur Doctoral student onur.kilic@gu.se
Kjellmer, Viveka Senior lecturer, Art History and Visual Studies +46 31 7861975 viveka.kjellmer@arthist.gu.se
Knuts, Eva Senior lecturer, Cultural Studies +46 31 7864305 eva.knuts@gu.se
Liinason, Mia Professor, Gender Studies +46 31 7863615 mia.liinason@gu.se
Lilliestam, Lars Professor emeritus lars.lilliestam@gu.se
Lundsten, Elin Senior lecturer, Gender Studies +46 31 7866166 elin.lundsten@kultvet.gu.se
Martinsson, Lena Professor, Gender Studies +46 31 7865910 lena.martinsson@gu.se
Mellander, Elias Degree programme coordinator elias.mellander@gu.se
Nordin, Andreas Senior lecturer, Cultural Studies +46 31 7862356 andreas.nordin@kultvet.gu.se
Pontara, Tobias Senior lecturer, Musicology +46 31 7864082 tobias.pontara@gu.se
Rhedin, Marita Senior lecturer, Musicology +46 31 7866153 marita.rhedin@musikvet.gu.se
Rolfsdotter Eliasson, Susanna Doctoral student, Ethnology +46 31 7865389 susanna.rolfsdotter@gu.se
Ryberg, Ingrid Senior lecturer +46 31 7861977 ingrid.ryberg@gu.se
Sasunkevich, Volha Olga Universitetslektor/​biträdande +46 31 7864083 olga.sasunkevich@gu.se
Sjöberg, Christine Doctoral student, Art History and Visual Studies christine.sjoberg@gu.se
Stockfelt, Ola Professor, Musicology +46 31 7865335 ola.stockfelt@musikvet.gu.se
Sundhall, Jeanette Senior lecturer, Gender Studies +46 31 7864328 jeanette.sundhall@wmst.gu.se
Tengroth, Caroline Education administrator, Administration, web manager and communication caroline.tengroth@gu.se
Thörn, Catharina Senior lecturer, Cultural Studies +46 31 7866175 catharina.thorn@kultvet.gu.se
Velasquez, Juan Senior lecturer, Gender Studies +46 31 7861976 juan.velasquez@gu.se

Showing 1 - 50 of 59

Showing 81 - 90 of 1015


Sofia Coppola : the politics of visual pleasure
Anna Backman Rogers
New York, Berghahn Books, Book 2019

Neoliberalising adult education.
Marie Carlson, Bengt Jacobsson
In Dahlstedt, Magnus & Andreas Fejes (eds.) Neoliberalism and Market Forces in Education. Lessons from Sweden., Oxon & NY, Routledge , Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

SVT:s och SR:s rapportering om Venezuela är osaklig
Juan Velasquez, Adrián Groglopo, Ylva Habel, Nicholas Smith
Göteborgs Posten, Newspaper article 2019
Newspaper article

Mediatization – Radiofication – Musicalization
Alf Björnberg
Morten Michelsen et al. (eds.): Music Radio: Building Communities, Mediating Genres, New York & London, Bloomsbury Academic, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

'It was like I had to fit into a category': Care-seekers' experiences of gender regulation in the Swedish trans-specific healthcare.
Ida Linander, Erika Alm, Isabel Goicolea, Lisa Harryson
Health (London, England : 1997), Journal article 2019
Journal article


Dance and Revival – from a Swedish Perspective
Mats Nilsson
Folklore Revival Movements in Europe post 1950 Shifting Contexts and Perspectives / Daniela Stavělová and Theresa Jill Buckland (eds), Prag, Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Chapter in book 2018
Chapter in book

Showing 81 - 90 of 1015

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