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Feminist Interventions in the Neoliberal University


Workshop with Maria do Mar Pereira (University of Warwick) and Paula Mählck (Stockholm University)
Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg
February 8, 13.15 - 16.00
Register for this event at latest February 1, by sending an email to: mia.liinason@gu.se

In recent years, researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds have highlighted the dilemmas and difficulties of the neoliberal university. Described as a paradigm of productivity (Pereira 2016) that shape toxic cultures (Gill 2010) around which we need to break the silence, scholars identify the impact of these changed forms of academic labour - for knowledge production, for academic cultures and for scholars¿ subjectivity - as universities increasingly use research and education as positioning strategies on a global market (Leathwood and Read 2013; Hark 2016).
This workshop takes the neoliberal university as the point of departure for discussions around the 'altered reproduction' of inequality patterns in academia, as racism, sexism, homo/transphobia and misogyny appear at the intersection between everyday practices and institutional routines (Gutiérrez-Rodríguez 2016). Focusing on dilemmas within the so-called performative university, Maria do Mar Pereira and Paula Mählck will highlight questions of compliance, resistance and solidarity within and beyond the neoliberal university. Workshop participants are welcome to contribute to the discussion by reading the suggested texts (below) and bring one, or more, question(s) for discussion. Welcome!
The workshop is co-chaired by Mia Liinason and Olga Sasunkevich

Leathwood, Carol and Barbara Read (2013) ¿Research policy and academic performativity: compliance, contestation and complicity¿ Studies in Higher Education vol 38, no. 8.
Mählck, Paula (TBA)
Pereira, Maria do Mar (2017), "«Man kan känna utmattningen i luften»: Sinnesstämningen på det nyliberala universitetet och dess påverkan på feministiska forskare", Tidskrift för genusvetenskap, vol. 38 no 4. Reference to an English version of this article will be included soon.

Föreläsare: Mia Liinason and Olga Sasunkevich

Datum: 2019-02-08

Tid: 13:15 - 16:00

Kategorier: Genusvetenskap

Arrangör: Mia Liinason

Plats: Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper, Vera Sandbergs Allé 8

Kontaktperson: Mia Liinaso

Sidansvarig: |Sidan uppdaterades: 2018-09-06

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